Films for adventurous couples who want to share their story


We specialise in making films for those who are deeply in love and want to share their story with the world. Those who love to travel and live life to the fullest.




An incredible two days with the ultimate daring couple, braving the snow to allow us to get some amazing shots. This was a next-day edit we prepared for both families to enjoy as Ravi and Anshu made their grand entrance at the reception at Froyle Park.




As we learn to master our art and travel, we are looking to work with couples who have a similar style to us because we know we can tell their stories best. If you are having something truly non-traditional, tell us about your wedding!

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Do you both always film together?

Yep. Every wedding.


How long do you film for?

Its really down to you. We'd prefer to be with you for the whole day, so if you let us know your plans, we can work it out. We make friends easy, so if we come a bit too early, we'll say hello to the family :)


Who chooses the music?

The music plays a big part of making your film, so we'll make sure we choose the perfect soundtrack to your film. We'll of course take your input and the vibes of your wedding day into consideration


Why do you need a music license?

We want to make sure we use music with the artist's permission. Its unlikely that a major record label will give us permission to use a well-known artist's song. Plus, we want your video to be unique, so we pay independent artists instead. Its a win win :)


Are you guys insured?

Yep. Let us know what your venue needs from us.